12 Reasons Women Decide To Colour Their Hair

The Experts at Makeover Palace in Kidlington, Oxford, Explore the Reasons Women Colour Their Hair

Whether you fancy a new look, want to cover up some pesky grey hairs, or need a pick-me-up to start the new season, there are a multitude of reasons why women decide to colour their hair!  Here, the hair colour experts at Makeover Palace hair salon in Oxford bring you the top 12 reasons women say it’s time for a hair colour change…

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#1:  You’re Bored!

When you’re fed up with your hair but know the hairstyle suits you… it’s time for a hair colour update instead!  From subtle highlights to the latest balayage or full-on platinum blonde, it’s fairly easy to change your hair colour.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and we’ll have your hair looking fabulous in no time at all!

#2: You’ve Broken Up With Your Boyfriend

We’re sorry you’ve broken up with your boyfriend but once you’re ready for a fresh start it seems that you’ll also give your hair a fresh new look too.  Hair colour can really brighten up your look and will have you turning heads again for all the right reasons.  If you can afford it, why not splash out on a new outfit too!  

#3: You Want To Look 10 Years Younger!

Eeek! You’ve just found your first grey hairs. If ‘growing old gracefully’ is not for you, it’s time to cover those pesky grey hairs with a gorgeous new hair colour. We can take 10 years off you with the right haircut and colour!  

#4:  It’s Summer!

The change of seasons are a big deciding factor when it comes to updating our hair colour. Women tend to go lighter in the spring and summer and darker in the autumn and winter. 


#5 : Your Favourite Celebrity Has Inspired You

There’s a reason why Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande have millions of Instagram followers.  Our favourite celebrities inspire us in so many ways and they are usually the first to rock a great new hair trend.  We can recreate that colour for you so you’ll soon be hot to trot!

#6:  You Want To Be Taken More Seriously

A new job, a new partner, a new home are all signs that you are growing up.  If you want to be taken more seriously it your career or just feel that a candy-floss pink hair colour is not going to cut it any more now that you’re 35, it’s time to try a new hair colour!

#7:   You Want To Find Out If Blondes Really Do Have More Fun!

Most of us have flirted with the idea of going lighter at some time in our lives, and today it’s easier than ever before to transition from darker shades to blonde because hair colour technology has come a long way!

#8:   Your Mum Told You Not To Dye Your Hair

There’s a rebel inside all of us, isn’t there? When someone tells you NOT to do something, it simply eggs you on to do it.  

#9:   You Want To Be Pampered

When you’re in need of a little TLC you can count on your hairdressers to make you look and feel incredible. A nice cuppa, a chat about which looks will suit you, a soothing head massage and shampoo…  Ease away life’s stresses with a visit to your hairdressers for a hair colour transformation. Bliss!

#10: It’s Fun To Try A New Hair Colour

Sometimes it’s fun to try something new and reinvent yourself – and one of the easiest and most effective way to change your look is to colour your hair. 

#11:  You Want To Look On-Trend

Everyone’s talking about the latest hair trend – whether it’s balayage, pastel shades or the latest coral red hair colours – and you simply have to have it.  What are you waiting for? 

#12:  It’ll Make Your Hairstyle Look AMAZING!

You’ve had your hair cut and love the hairstyle but know those layers would look sensational with some golden highlights weaving through them.