Beauty Prices

Spray Tanning

Full Body £25
Half Body £20
Buy a course of five & get one FREE



Dermaplane Glow £50
Lux Dermaplane £70
Diamond Dermaplane £90

Manicures, Pedicures & Jessica GELeraton

File & Polish (Hands) £14
Classic Jessica Manicure £20
Luxury Jessica Manicure £30
File & Polish (Feet) £16
Classic Jessica Pedicure £25
Luxury Jessica Pedicure £40
GELeration Gel Manicure £30
GELeration Pedicure £35
GELeration removal prior to application £8
Complete removal of gel, file and basecoat  £20

Nail Enhancements


Known as tips, acrylics are made from lightweight plastic and are cut and shaped to your desired look.  They are then overlaid with a powder and liquid.  Acrylics generally last 2-3 weeks before requiring an infill service. 

Acrylics Full Set  £30
Acrylics Infills £20
+ GELeration  £6

Similar to acrylics, a lightweight tip is added to the natural nail then shaped and cut to meet your desired look.  Gel is synthetic and colour free. Again, the same as acrylics, they usually last 2-3 weeks before needing an infill. 

Gels Full Set  £35
Gels Infills £30
+ GELeration  £6
Please noteAcrylics and gel nails do not cause damage to the natural nail as long as prep, after care and maintenance is provided.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

A stronger, lightweight and long-lasting nail system for clients. The dip powders feel natural, do not damage the nail bed and are a healthier alternative in nail enhancements.  Formulated without harsh chemicals and contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discolouring and lifting. Dip powder is odour free and no UV or LED light is needed to cure. It is fast and easy to apply taking half the time of acrylics.
Dip Powder Manicure  £40
Dip Powder Enhancements £50
Colour Change £35
Removal  £25

Hair Removal

Brows £12
Lip £11
Chin £11
Under Arm £15
Half Arm £20
Full Arm £25
Half Leg £25
Three Quarter Leg £28
Full Leg £35
Bikini £20
Eyebrow Tint £15
Eyelash Tint £20
An allergy test is required 48 hours before Eyelash & Brow tinting


Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift

Classic Lashes Full Set £45
3 Week Infill £40
One lash extension to one natural lash is applied.  If you have 50 natural lashes per eye, 50 individual eyelash extensions will be applied.  Classics are suitable for clients who have a good amount of natural lashes.  Ideal for clients who want to create a natural or subtle, medium lash effect.
Hybrid Volume Lashes Full Set £55
3 Week Infill £40
A mixture of Classic and Mega Volume Lashes to create a bespoke, natural looking lash effect.
Hand-Made Volume Lashes Volume Lashes Full Set £75
Volume Lashes 3 Week Infill £45
Mega Volume Full Set  £80
Mega Volume 3 Week Infill £50
Russian volume is an advanced lashing technique. They are created by carefully hand  making 2 or more ultra light lashes into fans, adding more length and volume to the natural lashes, changing the appearance of the eye shape. These come in 3 different types:

Volume lashes 2D-6D: 2-6 ultra fine lashes made into a fan

Mega volume 6D or more:  6D or more ultra fine lashes to create a fan

Mega volume lashes will require a new set every 3-5 months.

Top Up Lashes £15
For a lash top up service, clients must have at least 80% of their lashes on.  If it has been 14 or more days since your original appointment, you will be charged for an infill.  Top up appointments are for 30 minutes only.
Lash Lift  £40*
A treatment on natural lashes which makes the lashes appear longer, thicker and curlier.  Eyelashes will be tinted to enhance the effect of your lash lift. A lash lift can last 4-6 weeks.  *Please note: If you would like your bottom lashes tinted, this will be charged at an extra £5 on top of the Lash Lift price.
Precise Brows 

Creating the perfect brows for your style, face shape and lifestyle – including tinting, design, waxing, tweezing, thread, trim & make up application