The Best Nail Colour Ideas For Shorter Nails

The Best Nail Colours for Women With Short Nails at Makeover Palace Beauty Salon

Longer nails can look beautiful with a wide range of nail polish colours to compliment them. However, long stiletto nails like a Kardashian are not the most practical choice for many women, but that doesn't mean your nails can't look stylish!

The experts at Makeover Palace Hair & Beauty Salon in Kidlington, Oxford, explain the best nail colours for women with shorter nails, including colours which can actually make your nails look longer...

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Nude Nail Polish For Slimmer Looking Fingers

We aren't all blessed with natural pianist perfect fingers but you can fake longer, slimmer looking finger with a nude nail polish. Stay with nude or pastel nail colours to make your nails look longer than they are. A nude manicure is perfect for everyday wear since it matches with every kind of outfit. 

Matte Nail Colours 

Matte nail colours are a fabulous way to make your shorter nails look simple and stylish. 

A matte top coat can work with many different nail shades, adding an expensive looking velvet touch to your manicure. 

Gradient Pastel Nail Colours

Pastels are not only trendy for Spring and Summer, they are so versatile that they can be worn throughout the year. Nail colours in pastel and even neutral tones can make your short nails look longer and adding them in gradient colours can provide interest to your shorter manicure. 

Navy Nails For Elegant Short Nails

Many women avoid darker nail colours when you have a shorter manicure as they think that the dark colour draws attention to the (lack of) length of their nails. Dark blue nail colours are ideal for elegant looking shorter nails. You can also add interest to your midnight blue nails with some star designs for an evening look.